JTAppleCalendar Tutorials and Examples [V 7.1.7]

Why use this library?

  • Total customization of all views – This lib does not design anything. It only provides a layout (7 columns and 1-6 rows). Therefore any visual design of both cells and calendar is possible.
  • Horizontal or vertical mode – Ability to switch from a vertical scrolling to horizontal scrolling calendar.
  • Range selection – Select dates in a range.
  • Week/Month mode – 7 columns (Sunday to Saturday). But you decide how many rows to display. Number of rows are limited to the range 1 to 6.
  • Custom first day of week – First day of week does not have to be Sunday. You can pick any day.
  • Headers – Ability to add headers of varying sizes for each month.

These are a fraction of many more features. Here are calendar styles created by developers using this lib.

Repetitive questions/ delayed answers

Familiarity with the following non-calendar pointers, helps avoid repetitive questions and delayed answers.

  • How to use UITableView or UICollectionView and understand how delegate functions work. Knowledge that cells are reused in these controls.
  • Questions about this library asked on Github, will get a faster response than contacting me by email.
  • Knowledge about the iOS Calendar() class and how time zones work in iOS to avoid questions such as this one (2nd most repeated question).

This does not mean I won’t answer such questions, but i’ll be in better spirits if library specific ones are asked, rather than the famous most-repeated question:

hey i’m new to Swift, how do i xyz?” 🙂

John Novice

Lets Begin!

NOTE: sample code located at the end of each tutorial.

  1. Installation
  2.  Build calendar from scratch
  3. Common elements of every calendar.
    1. Configuring inDates/monthDates/outDates
    2. Regular selection
    3. Start the calendar at any date (in progress – ETA 1day)
    4. Handle device rotation
  4. Scrolling modes
  5. Switch between month-view and week-view
  6. Headers
  7. Range selection styles
  8. Events and loading information from a server
  9. How to add a week number column